Chris Brown

Chris Brown lives
and works in Berkeley California.

With deep roots
in the Bay Area figurative movements of the past,

he has innumerable densely painted,
works in progress

emphasizing a curiosity towards painting
and its many possibilities.

More at John Berggruen Gallery


Leslie Shows

Living and working
in San Francisco

Leslie's work is a sort of through the looking glass,
of the cosmos, and coming too in a
flatland-spaceland type of experience.

Landscape with space-scape,
Sci-Fi and pop culture,

natural phenomena, the literary, the material.

See more at JACK HANLEY Gallery


Thomas Noskowski and Joyce Robins

Thomas Nozkowski and Joyce Robins.
As seen in NY magazine on April 21st 2008

a former synagogue,
a studio, living space, and renovation project